Why Transit Insurance is important?

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A transit insurance can be used by many parties such as Importers, Exporters, Manufacturers Transporters, aggregators, custom house agents, traders etc. This helps the user to ensure that they are compensated if there are any unforeseen damages to the goods when they are being transported.

Transit insurance provides businesses financial support in cases where they encounter considerable losses when their goods are damaged at the time of transit. This helps businesses stabilize their finances even after incurring losses.

Transit insurance policies can be customised as per your requirements, therefore they are suitable for all types of transportation. They provide protection against common perils like earthquakes, fire, explosion etc. The cost of the premium is determined based on the goods that are being transported and the risk the policyholder is bearing during the policy term. There are a wide range of policies available for customers to buy such as single transit, overnight vehicles insurance policy, third party carrier cover etc.

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