How to organize your shifting?

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Relocating can be a tedious process, but with the right ideas you can streamline the process with ease.

Prepare early:

Starting early and avoiding the last minute rush alone takes away most of the stress involved in moving and would also help you in identifying the items which you would like to take to your new home. We would advise you to start 12-15 days prior to the day in which you are planning on shifting.

Organize Thoroughly:

Everyone is bound to have accumulated a lot of items regardless of how long they have lived in their current home, so it is advised to go room by room and declutter each of them individually and eliminate all the items which would not add any value to your new home in any way or form.

Organize your current house and create an inventory list:

Organising your current house might seem counterintuitive since you would be leaving it anyway but doing so would help you unpack your items in your new house as you would be able to consolidate items based on where they will be placed in your new house.

Creating an inventory of all the items that you wish to move would help in identifying if any items have been missed or damaged as it would allow you to inspect each and every item.

Pack by room and Label:

Packing according to the room would make the process more streamlined and would simplify the unpacking process. It is important to ensure that you do not mix items from different rooms even if you have spare space as it would make it harder to track your items later on when unpacking. Labels will ensure that you know what is inside the box especially if it contains fragile items, this helps the moving company to be more careful while handling it.

Create an Unpacking timeframe:

Unpacking can be as cumbersome as organising. We suggest you create a timeframe so that you do not procrastinate on it while also ensuring that you unpack at your own pace, this will take away the pressure of needing to get things done quickly.

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